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Aktien Tecnologías de Información is the only company in Mexico certified in Umbraco CMS and the second in Latin America. An excellent option for content management in web projects, completely based on .NET architecture. Easy to handle, fast, and powerful.

Smart, fast, consistent, and opensource. The perfect tool to manage the contents of a web. Dare to change!


Easy to use


You do not need to know HTML code, or learn to program in any language. Umbraco allows you to feed the content you want through a very simple and agile interface. You can even copy and paste text from your document into Microsoft Word ™ or Windows LiveWriter ™.

That's easy, it's Umbraco!



Through dictionaries and content replication, it will be very easy for administrators and users to manage the same site in different languages, maintaining the structure and visual appearance without much effort.

Full control over the design

Umbraco allows you or your team integrate a full custom design to a predetermined Template or a rigid structure. Umbraco allows you to implement the design from scratch, always having control of the HTML / CSS / JS that is integrated in each page, thus opening all possibilities to integrate visible or functional elements to your website.


Umbraco is fully integrable with Microsoft technologies as it is built on the .NET Framework. This offers an almost infinite range of functionalities that it is possible to develop and integrate, even towards other technologies through standard interfaces such as Web Services or consumption of third party APIs.

Aktien Tecnologías de Información

First and only company in Mexico certified in Umbraco CMS


Umbraco offers you a robust, secure, flexible and scalable platform, as well as clear advantages that make Umbraco one of the best options to implement your CMS. These advantages include:

Open source

Umbraco is an open source project, so it does not require a commercial license. However, it does have a solid support network through the robust documentation in the official sites and forums, through the different Partners around the world and directly with the creators of the tool.


Umbraco integrates the Microsoft Membership as an authentication engine. This platform offers a high level of security, used by Microsoft Web platforms, such as: Hotmail, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, etc.


Umbraco allows to generate the structure of the content and the site completely free, so that end users will only see relevant information on each page and content element, avoiding confusion and generating a cleaner and more intuitive interface.

This same structure allows building large and robust sites without affecting performance.


Advantages against other CMS

Unlike other CMS's used in the market, Umbraco has tools that facilitate and optimize content management:

  • Tree structure to find content easier [instead of lists]
  • Allows rollback to return to previous versions
  • Stores audit information that streamlines the identification of users who made changes
  • Content structured according to each type of content [rather than relying on a predefined structure]
Partner Certificado Umbraco

Business Partners in Mexico by Umbraco

Aktien Information Technologies is the only Certified Partner of Umbraco CMS in Mexico.

We are also the only company in Mexico with certified developers in Umbraco 7.X.

Contact us, we offer you the technological value you require to ensure your project is a success.


Aktien Tecnologías de Información

First and only company in Mexico certified in Umbraco CMS

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